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Happy Member Monday! Today we bring you the Robinson family!

It was an honor to baptize Brian Robinson and his daughter Shelbie on Shelby’s 1st birthday while mother and wife Karle stood in support of both of them! Thank you Brian and Karle for sharing sweet Shelbie with us and calling The Bridge your church home! We are also so thankful for how  Brian serves on our Tech team and Karle serves in our Bridge Kids! We couldn't do ministry without the good people of The Bridge and we are so thankful for how God is working through this sweet family! 

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Today is Member Monday and we are so excited to share with you the Quintero family!

Today is Member Monday and we are so excited to share with you the Quintero family! Not only did we get to welcome this sweet family to The Bridge as members, we had the honor of Baptizing Braylen and KaSandra!

Thank you Simon and Brianna for choosing to call The Bridge your church home and sharing your kiddos with us! We are so thankful God has called us all to do life together!

Happy Member Monday! We are so excited to introduce you to the newest members of The Bridge - the Watson family!

This sweet family has called The Bridge home for a while now, but yesterday we got to make it official. Thank you James and Trinicia for sharing your family with us. We are excited to see Coralee and Kimberlynn grow up in Bridge Kids and look forward to serving alongside y’all! 

Are you interested in learning more about becoming members of The Bridge or attending one of our New Member classes? Email for how you can take this next step with us in your faith journey!


It’s Member Monday and today we are excited to share with you our newest members, the Helzer family!

This sweet family has called The Bridge their church home for a while now, but we are so excited they chose to make it official. Welcome home Helzer family! We are so thankful God called us on this journey at The Bridge together!


Happy Member Monday! Today we bring you the Daniel Bright Family!

Happy Member Monday! Today we celebrate the Bright Family! Daniel and Meredith Bright have been on this journey with us at The Bridge since our earliest days and it has been so much fun seeing their family grow up in Bridge Kids. Big siblibings Walker, Sunny, and Caroline joined there parenst on stage a few weeks ago to help Pastor Donnie baptize their little sister Mattie-Mae and it was the sweetest celebration.


Daniel has a passion for leading in our Men's Ministry area and has helped with many of our Men's Ministry events through the years. Meredith serves often in our Birdge Kids classrooms and is such a blessing to our Bridge Kids program. Meredith and Daniel have been active in small groups, Bible studies, and special events. We love seeing this family at all of our Bridge events and are so thankful for how well they love on all of us at The Bridge. Thank you for choosing to call The Bridge your church home Bright family!


Happy Member Monday! Today we want to highlight Courtney White and her sweet boys David, Braxton, Grayson, and Charlie!

Courtney and her husband Brooks made the decision to raise their family at The Bridge when we first launched and we are so thankful they did. We all miss Brooks dearly, but know he is in Heaven and so proud of his family.

In the midst of of raising four boys and teaching full time, Courtney makes the time to serve at The Bridge and is just one of the reasons that makes The Bridge a place we are all proud to call home. Courtney is one of our Lay Readers and often shares scripture and prayer with us on Sunday mornings during worship. She can also be seen greeting you as you enter the building or handing out Bridge Kids worship service bags. Courtney often shows up to volunteer opportunities at The Bridge and brings her boys to work right alongside her. Whether they are unloading pumpkins for our patch or working the mobile food pantry, they bring lots of smiles and giggles with them and put in the hard work! We have loved watching all of her boys grow up in Bridge Kids since the very beginning and now love seeing David and Braxton thrive in Bridge Builders Youth while Grayson and Charlie keeping growing and learning in Bridge Kids!

Courtney, we thank you for setting such a beautiful example of servant leadership for your boys and making the effort to raise them in church. We praise God for you and your family. Please know, The Bridge is better because of you and we are so thankful y’all choose to call The Bridge your church home!


Happy Member Monday! We love the Tavarez family! Thank you Lauren for sharing with us why y’all choose The Bridge as your church home. We are so thankful for members like y’all!

My husband Philip and I grew up attending church & being active in our faith through our churches as kids. Almost two years ago we decided to start visiting churches to see if we could find a new church home together; our boys were at the age we wanted to get them started learning about & loving Jesus so finding the right place was important to us. We only ended up visiting one church...we immediately loved our time at the Bridge! From the incredible job our pastors do (go Kelby & Donnie!) to the learning our boys enjoy each week with the great job the teachers & youth pastors do with them as Bridge Kids, we could not be happier. Thank you Bridge family for welcoming us and helping all four us grow, we look forward to our time with y’all every Sunday & so many opportunities in between!


It’s Member Monday at The Bridge and today we bring you the Moody Family! 

The Moody family is part of what makes The Bridge such an awesome place to worship, serve, and connect with God and each other. Paul, Jessica, Jake and Brianna have called The Bridge their church home for years now, but this sweet family has grown recently and we can’t get enough of cute baby Lynndee!


We have loved getting to see Brianna and Jake grow in Bridge Kids and enjoy seeing Brianna now as a Bridge Builders Youth!


The Moody family is often there to greet you at the front doors when you enter The Bridge on Sunday Mornings and Paul also volunteers as an usher during the service. This is the type of family that volunteers to be one of our Trunk or Treat cars in the freezing cold while Jessica was nine months pregnant! We couldn’t do all we do at The Bridge without families like The Moodys. They all have such a servants heart and we love them dearly! 


Jessica shares her beautiful voice with us as apart four praise team and we are so thankful for how she serves God and The Bridge with her amazing talent and heart. 


The Moody family always brings a smile to our faces and we are so thankful they call The Bridge their church home!


It’s Member Monday and today we bring you the Mattimoe family!

This sweet family always brings a smile to our face at The Bridge! We have loved getting to worship with them and serve alongside them through the years. Watching Katie grow up in our Bridge Kids program and now be such an active member of our Bridge Builders Youth has been such an awesome experience! Katie now serves as a leader in our Bridge Kids Toddler class and those little kiddos absolutely love playing and learning from her. Kelly and Gordon have participated in various Bridge Life classes and activities and Kelly has been such an integral part of our Bridge Kids program for years now and has volunteered countless hours with our Bridge Kids. You can also usually see Kelly and Katie welcoming you as you enter The Bridge on Sunday mornings. This family is always willing to volunteer in whatever way we need them to and we love seeing how their hearts for the Lord shine through the many ways they are involved in life at The Bridge.

Thank you Mattimoe family for calling The Bridge your church home. We love doing life with y’all!


Happy Member Monday!

It’s a VERY cold Member Monday today, but we love seeing how all of you are making the best of this cold weekend together! We hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying the extra time with your loved ones! ❄️💙


Happy Member Monday! Today we bring you the Schroeder Family!

We sure are glad that our Member Monday waited for Tuesday because now we get to highlight the Schroeder family! We love that Brian, Kelly and there three kiddos call The Bridge their church home. Their boys, Kyle and Peyton, bring all of the energy to Bridge Kids and we have loved watching them grow through the years. Now they have a sweet baby sister, Riley, who has joined the fam and we are looking forward to so many more memories to be made with the Schroeder family! 


Brian is also very involved in Bridge Builders youth as our middle school boys small group leader. Brian takes pride in having the largest small group (and most energetic) at Bridge Builders Youth! Brian also volunteers to come to The Bridge on his lunch break twice a week to stack chairs so our youth group can play basket ball on Wednesday nights. Actions like that show how Brian is always thinking of how he can get more youth engaged in connecting with each other and connecting with God. 


We hope you enjoy Kelly and Brian’s love story, featured by UTPB, as much as we do. We are sure thankful God led you to each other and led your sweet family to The Bridge so we can all do life together! 

Read Story Here


Happy Member Monday! Today we bring you the Jordan Family!

Today we are excited to share with you some of our Bridge members the Jordan family! Matt, Stephanie, Addy and Ryder chose The Bridge as their church because of the constant love and support the Bridge provides. The Jordans felt, "...welcomed with open arms at The Bridge. Everyone was helpful and friendly helping us navigate through the areas of the church. Plus, the smell of coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies was a bonus!"

Helping Pastor Jessica with the Daughter's of the King dance in 2020 was one of Stephanie's favorite memories volunteering with The Bridge. You can also find Stephanie serving you up a fresh cup of coffee on Sunday mornings in our Bridge Hospitatlity Area. Stephanie believes in lending your talents for God's purpose and we are so thankful she shares her talents and sweet family with us at The Bridge!


Happy Member Monday! Today we bring you Connie and Jim Armstrong!

After moving to Odessa in 2017 Connie and Jim Armstrong were looking for a church home. They shared with us they felt at home right away, began making friends, and quickly fell in love with their new church family at The Bridge.

During the pandemic, Jim and Connie moved back to Kansas City, Missouri and say one of the hardest parts of leaving Odessa was leaving their church family at The Bridge. However, they have been able to stay active members of The Bridge via worshipping virtually with us through Facebook Live and Zooming with their small group.

Connie shared, "Staying connected online has held us up through some dark days. Not only do we attend virtually on Sunday, we meet with our small group through Zoom. It has been a lifeline at a time when we can't physically visit local churches. We miss the hugs and joining in activities, but we are so blessed to have The Bridge with us at our "satellite location"!"

We miss physically spending time with you Armstrongs, but we are sure thankful that we still get to worship, serve, pray, and do life alongside of you as a Bridge family!

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