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We are so excited to announce that VBS WILL BE HAPPENING this year! With one modification, though. Instead of you bringing your kids to VBS, we’re bringing VBS to your kids!

This summer, on June 22nd - 24th, we’ll be using a quarantine-friendly VBS called BOLT. With minimal preparation, easy-to-follow instructions, and a video that leads you and your kids step-by-step through each of the 3 days, BOLT is designed for you to perform with your family at home. It’s so simple!

During BOLT, your family will participate in fun games that illustrate what it means to listen to, focus on, and follow Jesus. Depending on your pace, you can expect that each day’s experience will last about an hour and a half. It’s great for kids 5 and up. Even middle and high school kids can enjoy it!

There’s something else we’re really excited about—this could also be an amazing outreach opportunity. If you feel comfortable gathering with more people, you can invite as many neighbors, friends, and family to your house for BOLT as you would like. It’s such an easy and fun way to share the good news of Jesus with our community. If it’s helpful, download the printable invitation below and add the time your family plans to do VBS in your home or you can share our social media posts with anyone you want to invite."

If you and your family would like to participate in BOLT VBS please register by clicking the button below.

BOLT VBS Goodie Bags


June 14th & June 21st 10:00 am - 11:30am
June 15th-18th 9:30am - 5:00pm


Pick Up Location:

The Bridge Commons Area

If you have any questions regarding VBS, please email our children's pastor, Jessica Willis.

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